We believe the first step of successful investment management is putting your interests first, before anyone else's.  Our goal isn’t to pick the single best stock or predict every market fluctuation.  Research shows that's a losers game.  A very small percentage of active managers actually beats their benchmark over a long-term period and it's impossible to know who those successful managers will be ahead of time!

Discretionary Investment Services
For those of you looking for an experienced professional to manage your portfolio our fees are based on the size of your portfolio.  Please note that trading costs are not included in this fee.  As you can tell, the sliding fee schedule results in lower fees for larger portfolios.

Sliding Fee Schedule:

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Our value added proposition:

Being an effective behavioral coach. 
Helping you maintain a long-term perspective and a disciplined approach is arguably an important element of our service.

Applying an asset location strategy. 
The allocation of assets between taxable and tax-advantaged accounts is a very important consideration.

Employing cost-effective investments. 
This critical component of our tool kit is based on simple math: Gross return less costs equals net return.

Maintaining proper allocations through rebalancing
Over time, as investments produce various returns, a portfolio will likely drift from its original target allocation.  We ensure the portfolio’s risk/return characteristics stay consistent with your financial goals.

Implementing a spending strategy. 
As the retiree population grows, we help you make important decisions about how to spend from your portfolios.


Hypothetical Illustrations:

Financial Planning Concept$, Inc.

Nondiscretionary Services

For those of you seeking help in creating a road map to meet your financial goals, but want to implement the investments yourself our hourly rate is $275.00.  We provide detailed estimates based on  the complexity of your financial situation, so you know up-front how much it will cost.  Our goal is to under promise and over deliver.

We work with you to help determine the most cost-effective fee structure given your situation.  Our fees are lower than most, since we focus on keeping our overhead low.